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The “28 Days in February” project is the work of artist Ellen Mansfield of Maryland. Ellen wanted to be involved in a project that emphasized her dedication to De’VIA, and also one that documented Deaf community issues taking place within her lifespan.


Ellen decided to create a tile painting on each day in February, tiles that highlight Deaf culture, Deaf history, Deaf historical figures, Deafhood, and even Deaf jokes. During the month of February, Ellen will pore through social media such as Facebook and through websites to find inspiration for the day’s tile painting. Each painting will be started on the day it is inspired. This project will continue until February 28, at 11:59 p.m., and all tile paintings will be completed by then.


The 6”x6” tiles will be glazed by kiln firing on March 1, and completed with an 8”x8” wooden frame. The 28 tiles will be reposted, and then be available for purchase.

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