‪#‎DeVIAanimalchallege‬ motif butterfly and cocoon on 8/16th

Liberation theme.
The Hello block- I made it in 1970's and as for bugs lincout too. I looked at the word Hello.. why i did it? i realized because hearing kids and I always said hello in voice. I saw kids called each other by telephone and say hello when i was in their house. I would not do that, so only way i can make cards and write letters. so first thing on cover is hello!
this artwork is about a deaf child inside cocoon. It has small flame/or eye inside lit very small.. waiting to be ready to come out. there are words on paper that i stamped butterflies. the Deaf child has still english in her life- tried to understand what is happening in life round her. She or He isnt afraid and seeks explore to nature (flower papers). then Deaf child butterfly flies on Deafhood journeying. It gets into Deaf community and full access with ASL ( Butterflies on color papers are colorful) and then black and white paper of bugs became antique as like pastime.
It is fun since i tried to make a story on this artwork with antique linocuts during my oralism experience.

"Come on, say Hello!"

  • Medium: 1970's bugs lincout cut strip and Hello block, and papers
    size 16 x 22 in.