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Here is my Out of the Box challenge. Tell me what you think the painting is saying.“Deaf Space Lights up” oil painting, 16 x 20 March 16, 2014 
This painting is about Deaf people who stand under “Thomas AL Edison” street lamp lighting. Edison was a parity Deaf since he was 12 years old and an inventor of many things especially electric and light bulb when he was 27 years old in 1880 with a patent of bulb.
The focal point in this painting is about Deaf space in the nighttime under street lamp having conversations.
People with flying hands stand under lamp. I put hand dots around the space that they were having conversations in sign language.
They represent Deaf Leaders, Educators and Advocates as like a red hair George W. Veditz, Karen Christie, Andrew Foster, and my husband, Chapman V.Hom.
Two people in the dark space in the doorway and they are not using ASL. They were holding drink cups and their other hands are down in the pocket. A man is characterized after AGB under the bell (an inventor of telephone and promoter of hearing aids/oralism). Second one is currently cloned leader is Karl White, promoter of C.I and oralism.
The blue bottom is just a road that it shows the city environment included radiating light circles reflected from car headlights, moon, windows, flashlights, and city lights. It symbolizes precious ASL for lightening it up.

Deaf Space Lights Up

  • oil painting, 16 x 20 March 16, 2014 SOLD
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