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TileStroke News

               Individuals, galleries and curators are invited to contact,and ask questions. Email         

Mosaic Workshop @ Think Self Minnesota: Deaf Adult Education and Advocacy
St. Paul, Minnesota, On April 1st, Saturday.  FREE!

This is a 4 hour workshop - You can expect a 30 minute lecture about art instruction and basic understanding of of color contrast, design, and ideas. There will be snack breaks, and a 10 minute drying break before grouting. The activity is building a 6 x 6 wood board with various shapes and colors of mosaics tiles - You will take this home with you! The tile mosaics board can function as a coaster for drinks or a tea-light candle holder, or art piece hanging on the wall. The activity gives individuals a well being of focus, self value, and  self-esteem with art creation. The small tiles are a mystery at first, then there is a journey towards the finished project - The journey is a huge impact on how we shape these images.  
Register  link

Feb.26- Mar. 3, 2023. Narrative in Tactile Art Workshop: 

Artist perspective based on person's upbringing, experiences, and education workshop 

at the Beaux-Arts School, INSEAMM in France.

Columbus, OHIO! 2 MOSAICS ART WORKSHOPS @DWAVE, 132 Northwood Blvd., Worthington, Ohio. 1-4 Pm or 6-PM.6 x 6 board and materials for $50 per person. 

Wednesday, 8/31: OHIO SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF DAY with art students.

APRIL 2022 -  "How Visual Art Can Represent Deaf Experience and Culture", The Interpretation Theory Capstone Seminar Annual Presentation at Swarthmore College, PA.

Spring 2022- I am a long term art teacher at the Maryland School for the Deaf from April to June, 2022.  Covered art classes due art teacher's maternity leave, Congratulations! 

2020-2022 Virtual Exhibition is going on.

Ikouii Gallery (A disability-led organization committed to providing opportunities for artists with disabilities & transforming cultural institutions into inclusive spaces. Based in Georgia) 

my works are with their exhibitions of Open 4, With No Labels,  Postcards: A message for you, MASKEDUP Pandemic, and Ikouii Open: Collective Impact, Small works, and Discarded.

Nov.2019  :SUPER  excited! One of my artworks at the ADEC booth is acquisition by RIT Libraries.  "ASL HUNGRY" painting is precious to me. The Deaf man in this painting is not have Deaf space/home. Lack of ASL accessible and ASL deprivation surrounding. Now, this painting goes home to RIT library that it is so special to me because my mom was a librarian for public school near by Columbia University in NYC. In November 1989, She departed from earth in 30th anniversary.  It is bittersweet. Miss you and love you, mom!

Thank you, customers who supported and bought artworks! It makes me keep going to be creative. It is so helpful when my works are going to new homes. Wish you all good holidays!


 I am stoked.. super excited! My painting" I will Never Forget V2" is acquisition by Dyer Arts Center in Rochester and It will be exhibited in the DeVIA: The Manifesto Comes of Ages with Memorial Art Gallery:University of Rochester (Museum)!
dates:Nov 7 to Feb 16th.

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