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Curriculum Vitae 

Invitations, Honors, Awards


2023             Teaching Artist,  ESDAMM, Les Beaux-Arts de Marseille, France. 

2022             Finalist  Artist for  Best Exhibition Booth , Deaf Visual Arts Festival , MO.

2021-22       Artseed + InterConnection China and USA online exhibition, USA embassy-Shanghai 

2019-21       Chuck Baird Gallery, Olathe , Kansas. Featured Artist,  2 paintings 40 x 30.

2019             Deaf Overcoming Violence Thru Empowerment DOVE's 19th Annual Benefit Celebration, Colorado.

2019             Honorable Mention award by Ikouii Open exhibition. (Curly Lady with Deaf Coffee ,40 x 30 )

2019             Art Judge and teaching, American School for the Deaf, Hartford,Conn.

2018             Alive Interview  video stream,  Warsaw Art Museum, Poland. Michał Justycki. 

2018             National Association Deaf conference, George W. Veditz Dream Tree painting at a live auction.

2017             Grant 3 finalists public art work, Minnesota State Arts Council/Minnesota State Academy Deaf

2017             Professional Honorable Mentions, "World Reimagined: A Deaf Perspective" Exhibition at Silpe Gallery.CT 

2016             NAD conference, Arizona , Live Auction. "No  Discrimination on Ground" painting, bidded @$2,500

2016             Michigan School For the Deaf, elementary students made tiles dedicated to my name. 

2015             Recognition Leader of De'VIA on  movement and action selection featured in the "HERstory" exhibition at                           Weyerhaeuser Family Gallery , Gallaudet University. ( a year display).

2015             Early Childhood Education  Summit VI,Gallaudet University . Booth Invitation

2015             The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  De'VIA Artists on ADA by DCC, Kansas., Featured Artist Ellen Mansfield.

2015             ASL DEAF PRIDE PARADE II, by Audism Free America,Wash DC, Guest speak and parade banner 

2014             Invitation De’VIA Art show, Access Gallery in Santé Arts District, Denver, Colorado.

2014             Featured Artist  T-Shirt “The Rainbow Tree of Life: Celebrating De’VIA and Diversity”, Deaf Arts Festival

2014             National Association of the Deaf, Atlanta, Georgia, Live Auction.

2014             Featured Artist @ Deaf Arts Festival Website

2013             ASL DEAF PRIDE PARADE I,by Audism Free America, Wash DC, Guester speak and parade banner 

2013             New Jersey Association for the Deaf, Gala and Live Auction Toms River, NJ 

2013             Tiger Talks NTID's 45th Anniversary, Five Artists Painted "Unity of Eyeth." Rochester, New York.

2013             Invitation Juried International Art Exhibition, "The World is Heard by the Soul" in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2013             Featured Artist Multimedia Deaf Jewish Gallery

2012             2nd Place Awards, DAF/Arts Beats Eats Festival,Michigan   

2012             Kentucky of the Deaf, Louisville, Kentucky, Live Auction.

2012             Chuck Baird Foundation website with featured emerge- artist

2005             Scholarship award, Deaf Women United Conference, Ellicott City, Maryland

1986             Honorable Award “Correspondent in Springtime”, Mays Stevens, woman activist artist, Juror

1985             4 Awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Honor Mention), Alumni Association Art Exhibition, Gallaudet College, DC

Solo Exhibitions

Museum of Deaf History, Art, and Culture, Olathe                           Olathe Kansas  

Voices of Deafhood                                                                                 Science Museum of Virginia, Richmond VA Retrospective:Through The Darkness Into The Light                  Pepco Edison Place Gallery. DC

Retrospective:Through The  Darkness Into The Light                 Williams GalleryDyers Art Center. 

Ellen Mansfield's DeVIA : Deaf View Image Art                           San Francisco Public Library

Traveling Through the Darkness to the Lights                                Art Museum of Greater Lafayette,  Indiana.     

 Vedtiz shares  Mansfield's Deaf View Image Art                      Veditz Brewery, Sperryville, Virginia 


January 19- Feb 24, 2018.  (128 artworks).  Summary: Ellen Mansfield’s artworks document her journey from a childhood of isolation and limited access to language to a life of realized identity and the ability to express herself without restrictions.    This retrospective shows the different stages of her life and the recurring themes that have stayed with her throughout her artistic career. By Curator Tabitha Jacques

Selected Group Exhibitions

2024             Opulent Mobility Juried Exhibit @ Los Angles Makery with 18 artists. California.

2023             American Visionary Art Museum's   Juried Holidays Bazaart with 50 artists. Baltimore, MD

2023             Delaware Deaf Visual, Delaware

2023            National Professional Development Conference, "Art, That! Deaf Art Gallery", Hilton Gallery,

                       DT Columbus, Ohio

2023            Culture of Care Exhibition, Anthropology of Motherhood, 3 Rivers Arts Festival,  Pittsburgh Cultural District

                       and collaborated with Dyers Art Center Gallery

2023            NEA Big Read, Deaf Republic's "Art, an Insurgency" group juried exhibition, New York

2022             4th IKOUII OPEN online exhibition of theme of spirituality, religion, and disability.

2022             Re-Imagine Disability by Opulent Mobility, Antelope Valley College, North Los Angeles                               CA

2022             Kentucky Deafestival, Greatest Show on the Earth

2022             Deaf Visual Arts Festival, MO

2022             Kentucky Deafestival, Greatest Show on the Earth

2022             FDAS exhibition at National Association Deaf, Florida

2022             Florida Deaf Art Show exhibition, Florida

2021 -22     Traversing Boundaries of the Natural and Synthetic World, Featured "I will Never Forget " , Gallaudet                                            University Archives and Dyer Arts Center, Pop-Up Gallery, Hyattsville, MD.

2021             Homecoming:A Celebration & a Collaboration of Arts. exhibition, RITNTID Dyer Arts Center, NY

2021             Artseed+ Interconnection by Deaf artists, China and USA online exhibition, USA embassy-Shanghai 

2021             VOCA, Kennedy Center The Reach, DC

2021             Outsiders and Others Gallery. Disability What? exhibition. "The Eyeth Day". British Columbia, Cañada

2021             Crestwood Gallery, Frederick, MD "Hi-Bi-Bcus" painting

2021             Ikouii Gallery, Blueish exhibition online

2021             Ikouii Gallery, Discard exhibition online

2021             DVAF exhibition online.  Ceramics Planters

2021             Opulent Mobility 2021 exhibition, California

2021             ASLTA,De'VIA Re-Awakening The Authentic Expression  online exhibition. 

2021             Ikouii Gallery online, Without Label exhibition, "Euphoria's" painting

2019-21     Featured Artist , Chuck Baird Gallery, Museum of Deaf History, Art, and Culture.

2020             Palettes of Nature exhibition online, Dyer Arts Center, link:

2020             Hear Me? Art Association of Harrisburg, PA

2020             #DeVIA CHALLENGE, Glass Gallery,Dyer Arts Center, Rochester, NY

2019'20       Memorial Art Gallery: University of Rochester Museum,De'VIA: The Manifesto Comes of Ages

2019            Reynolds Community College, Richmond VA

2019             NTID President Hall exhibition, Rochester NY. August 8- October 25th, 2019

2019             Dublin Roasted Cafe, Frederick MD. Curly and Deaf Coffee, April- October 

2019             Ikouii Gallery,3015 Memorial Drive, Alt. Georgia . August 15- December 15

2019             Deaf Women United Art Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona  two artworks sold. 

2019             Inspired Identity online  exhibition, Ikouii Creative, Honorable Mention award

2019             "Hear Me" exhibition. City Hall Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

2018             "Beyond Form Exhibit", Washburn Arts Center, Gallaudet University, D.C.

2018             Deaf Spiritual Unity Expo, Maryland School Deaf, Columbia, MD

2018             Deaf Studies Conference Booth, Gallaudet University, Wash.D.C.  

2018             Chuck Baird Gallery @ Museum of Deaf History, Arts, and Culture, Kansas.  permanent 

2018            National Association Deaf Conference July 5-7,2018 

2018             Early Childhood Education Summit IX,National American Sign Language and English Bilingual Consortium,DC 

2017             Art Ability Exhibition, Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital,PA.

2017             "Artistry through Deaf Eyes exhibition", online gallery, The Studio Door, San Diego. CA.

2017             Jewish Deaf Congress Conference, Rockville, MD

2017             "World Reimagined: A Deaf Perspective",  Juried  Group at the Silpe Gallery at the University of Hartford,CT.

2017              The One in Many Art Exhibit, Johnson County Library, Kansas.

2016             ASL CONNECT FESTIVAL @ MKSD, 320 Sullivan Way, Ewing, New Jersey

2016             "Disability and Intersectionality Art" @ VSA Massachusetts, 89 South Street, Suite #101, Boston MA 

2016             Wabash Art Corridor Group Art  exhibition in  Chicago

2016             Arts Beats Eats/Deaf Arts Festival, Royal Oaks, Michigan.

2016             Nelson-Atkins Museum, Missouri."DeVIA29 Facebook Art Challenge". my two artworks are honorable invited. 

2016             Crestwood Art Gallery at 7211 Bank court, Frederick Md ''Reflections of Seasons'' 

2016             Columbia College Chicago's DeVIA Reunion Gallery ;5 artworks exhibited at CC#33 Gallery May 23 to 27

2016             Olson, Norway of De'VIA show;  Teater Manu Building. Curated Megan Matovich-Noddeland.

2016             Latino Deaf Association Symposium @ Ole Jim, Gallaudet

2016             Eastern DCA Black Deaf Association Conference

2016             Delaware School for the Deaf Community Day

2016             NAD conference, Arizona and artwork@ Live Auction. "No  Discrimination on Ground"  bidded @$2,500

2015             Breaking the Walls Talent and Fashion Show in Southfield, MI.

2015             "Dr.Andrew Foster: Let There Be Light" Tile exhibited @ Dyers Art Center, NTID. Andrew Foster exhibition 

2015              Juried ARTS BEATS EATS Festival, Ann Arbor, MI. 

2015             "Chicago Deaf Arts Fest" @ Ravenswood Deafquest org.

2015               Baruch Performing Arts Center, NYC. 

2015             "Let There Be Light: De'Artivism" exhibition in DC.  @ Pepco Edison Place Gallery,DC

2015             Deaf Women United Art gallery,Berkeley, California. "Eyeth Dancers"sold.

2015             Veditz Celebration Day exhibition @ Maryland School for the Deaf, Frederick.

2015             Early Childhood Education (ECE) Summit VI,Gallaudet U.

2015             Deaf Women Color Conference:10th Anniv

2015             Mississippi Deafest, Biloxi,MS.

2014             "The world heard the soul - Moscow 2014", Art Space Gallery of People's Artist of Russia.

2014             De'VIA 50th Anniversary Gala/Art Auction, at National Center on Deafness, California State University of                                   Northridge, California.

2014             ViVa De’VIA exhibition @ Dyers Art Center, National Technical Institute of the Deaf, Rochester, NY.

2014             Invitation De’VIA Art show, Access Gallery in Sante Arts District, Denver, Colorado.

2014             Private Collection Exhibition DeafQuest/Ravenswood art Walk, Chicago, Illinois.

2014             Deaf Arts Festival at Arts, Beats & Eats, Royal Oak, Michigan.

2014             Invitation Creative Expression Thru Visual Arts, Center for Disability Rights, Rochester NY

2014             Maryland School for the Deaf, “28 artwork tiles challenge month” DeafExpo, Columbia, MD

2014             De’VIA New Wave Juried Show, LJ Gallery, Washburn Art,  Gallaudet University, Wash DC

2014             Ellen’s TileStroke Studio , Gallaudet University  Holidays Fair

2013             De'VIA Marketplace, Brick City 45th Reunion at RIT/NTID, Rochester, New York

2013             Honor in Veditz’s Celebration Exhibition at RIT/NTID, Rochester, New York

2013             DeafQuest/Ravenswood art Walk, Chicago, Illinois.

2013             Hst Festival in Washington, District of Columbia

2013             International Art Exhibition, "The World is Heard by the Soul" in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2013             Deaf Arts Festival at Arts, Beats & Eats, Royal Oak, Michigan.

2013             Downtown Olathe Arts Festival, Kansas

2013             Baltimore Clayworks “Annual Student Exhibition”, Baltimore, Maryland

2013             Deaf Artists Gallery Row, DeafNation Expo in Washington, District of Columbia

2013             Engage! Exposure! Experiment! Exhibit! Juried Show, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.

2012             A Vision That Smell of Soap, Washburn Art Center, Gallaudet University, D.C.

2012             7240 Gallery, Space4Art, San Diego, California.

2012             Art & Chocolate at VisArts, Washington Society of Jewish Deaf, Rockville, Maryland.

2012             De'VIA Deaf Art Show, National Center on Deafness, California State University of Northridge, California.

2012             Baltimore Clayworks 16th Annual student Exhibition , Baltimore, Maryland

2012             Deaf Arts Festival at Arts, Beats & Eats, Royal Oak, Michigan.

2012             De'VIA Museum at Deaf Studies Today, Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah.

2012             Visual Reflections by Deaf Artists, Washburn Art Center, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.

2012             Outsiders the Beltway Art Show, Washington, District of Columbia

2012             Deaf Artists' Exhibit at the ASL Fest, Texas School for the Deaf, Austin, Texas.

2011             De'VIA Art Show at Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center, Frederick, Maryland

2011             Deaf Arts Festival at Holley, Brooklyn Michigan

2011             Juried Sugarloaf Mountain Craft show in Gaithersburg, Maryland

2011             Juried Sugarloaf Mountain Craft show in Timioiuim,Maryland

2011             Juried Sugarloaf Mountain Craft show in Dulles, Maryland

2011             Frederick Artomatic, Frederick, Maryland

2011              Art/Gage Fest by Isaiah Zagar n Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, South Street, Philadelphia

2005             The Massachusetts of Very Special Arts,” Juried Deaf Heritage Show”

2005             International Deaf Film and Arts Tampa Festival, Hillsborough Community College,  Florida

2005             Deaf Women United Conference, Art Gallery,

1989             The Deaf Way Conference and Festival, Gallaudet University, Washington DC

1987             Stratton arts Center in Rockville, Maryland

1986             Leonia Public Library, Solo Art show “Images in painting and collage”

1986             Washington Women's Arts Center, “Works on Paper” Juried Women Group Show

                       “Correspondent in springtime” Honorable Award, Mays Stevens- woman activist artist, Juror

1985             Center for students with Disabilities, Artists with Disabilities Show @ New York City University

Curatorial Projects


2015, " Let There Be Light: De'ARTivism", PepcoEdisonGalleryPlace, Wash.D.C.  70 artworks with 40 Deaf Artists

link:   info for Deaf Artists and exhibition



2023       ESDAMM,Les Beaux-Arts de Marseille, France

2023             Visual Art Through the Deaf Lens Event, Ocean County College, Tom Rivers, NJ

2022             How I become artist from my experiences, Creative Center of the Arts, Delaware

2022              How Visual Art Can Represent Deaf Experience and Culture

                       The Interpretation Theory Capstone Seminar Annual Presentation at Swarthmore College, PA.

2021             The Drawing Center, New York City. about Artist Huguette Caland

2021             My Jewish Identity and artwork journey with Rabbi Kaster's circle

2020             "Deafhood of Voice, Science Museum of Richmond VA" , Deaf Visual Arts Festival 

2019             My De'VIA symbolism and experiences, Reynolds Community College, Richmond, VA

2018             Through the Darkness into the Light journey, Dyer Arts Center, Rochester,N.Y.

2017             ASL DEAF PRIDE PARADE III, Lincoln Memorial ,Wash DC. 

2017             Deaf Visual Art Festival, MO. hosted by DEAF INC, NPO.  

2017             Columbia University,New York City. Presenter of "my DeVIA works and DeVIA"

2016             Demo/lecturer with Detroit Institute Art stage in Royal Oak, MI. 

2016             Special Guest,  Deaf Chanukkak @ Top of the View, Arlington VA

2016             Special Guest Deaf Chanukkak @ Museum of Jewish Heritage, Battery Park NYC

2016             De'VIA/Deaf Art America  presentation at European House Gallery in Zagreb,Croatia. Guest Lecturer 

                       The Culture of Deaf Art Conference by World of Silence

2016             De'VIA Curriculum Art teacher retreat III,Kansas 

2016             Showing Symbolism and experiences through the DeVIA artwork  Dearbought community clubhouse, MD 

2016             Presentation at DeVIA Reunion Celebration Conference, Columbia College,  Chicago 

2016             Manitoba Cultural Society of the Deaf  2016  Artist 2016  

2016             Artist Talk presentation at Mentoring Artists for Women's Art  canada.

2016             "Deaf-AIR experience" at De'VIA Art Teachers Small Regional gathering. MSSD, Wash DC. 

2016              Presentation @ Maryland School for the Deaf, Art and ASL students by Janet Witzcak

2015 ​            "Deaf-art-De'VIA movement in USA" at How to Understand Art of Deaf conference,

                         National Gallery Zacheta, Poland.

2015             "De'VIA artworks and the "Let There Be Light" exhibit", NTID, Deaf Art/Cinema.

2015             Artist Talk@ Chicago Deaf Arts Fest., Ravenswood,Chicago, Deaf Quest org.

2015             "Breakthrough  with exhibition" and  "DAR"  Roundtable @ Pepco Edsion 

2015             Beijing Union Unv., Deaf Chinese students. "Deaf Experience Through Art" 

2015             DeVIA Menorah with Rochester Deaf Jewish

2015            DeVIA lecture, Mississippi Deafest, Biloxi,MS.

2015             Veditz Celebration Day @ MSD.

2014             Chain of Remembrance Tribute, Judy Ho Lai-Yok, artist of De’VIA’s 9 founders, Panara Theater, NTID 

2014             ViVa De’VIA panel artist @ NTID,Rochester, New York

2014             De’VIA Mosaics Lecture/workshop with Deaf Arts Festival,Holley Village Brooklyn, Michigan

2014             Deaf View Retreat, “1989, 2013,2014  Mural History”, Aspen Co. 

2014             Deaf View Art Retreat, “3 senses “Tile Making lecture/workshop, Aspen Co.

2014             Self Portrait to De’VIA Self Portrait Presentation/workshop, Wende Prison, New York

2014             Veditz Celebration, Maryland School for the Deaf, Frederick, MD

2013            Art Thru Deaf Eyes at Maryland Association for the Deaf/PCRID Columbia,Maryland

2013            Artists Talk with Deaf Quest at Ravenswood Artwalk, Chicago

2013             Deafhood to Artivism Presentation, at Columbia College, Chicago.

2013            Deafhood to Artivism Presentation, at NTID, Rochester, New York.

2013            International Art Exhibition, "The World is Heard by the Soul" in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2013             De’VIA Artist and Jewish Presentation at Jewish Deaf Congress Conference, Wash.DC

2012             Video interview with Deaf Nation's No Barriers with Joel Barish at TileStroke Studio,Frederick

2011             De'VIA Talk, at The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center, Frederick, Maryland.


2024            James Castle House Resident, Boise,  Idaho
2022             Maryland School for the Deaf, Columbia, MD  (Long Term Art Teacher)
2019             Maryland School for the Deaf ,Columbia, MD  (Long Term Art Teacher)
2015             Rochester School for the Deaf, New York 
2017             New York School for the Deaf,   New York
2017             Michigan School for the Deaf, Michigan
2017             De Sales Art Center, Brooklyn, Michigan.
2016             Manitoba School Deaf, Winnipeg Canada


2024             Mosaic Workshop @ St. Louis School for the Deaf and Deaf Empowerment Awareness Foundation

2024            Paint party event @ Meadowside Nature Center, Maryland

2023             Mosaic Workshop with ThinkSelf Minnesota: Deaf Adult Education/Advocacy. St.Paul, Minnesota 

2023             Narrative in Tactile Art: Perspectives based on  person's upbringing,experiences, and education

                       @ESDAMM,Les Beaux-Arts de Marseille, France

2023            Paint party event @ Meadowside Nature Center, Maryland

2022             Tile making @ Creative Center of the Art, Delaware

2022             Mosaics Art Workshop @ Ohio School for the Deaf 

2022             Mosaics Art Workshop @ Deaf World Against Violence Everywhere. 6-9 PM

2022             Mosaics Art Workshop @ Deaf World Against Violence Everywhere. 1- 4 PM

2022             Maryland School for the Deaf ,  Long Term Art Teacher

2021             Mosaics ornament party at private residential.

2021             Festival of Lights menorah Paint Party with Jewish Deaf Congress' Havurot Circle

2021             The Drawing Center, New York City. Huguette Caland 

2020             Paint party event Maryland School for the Deaf "Self Love" 2/20 

2019             Maryland School for the Deaf  

2019             Reynolds Community College ASL paint and presentation, Richmond, VA

2019             Long Term Art Teacher, Maryland School for the Deaf, Columbia Campus

2019             Intern Madeline Poultridge, Bennington College intern worked in Tilestroke studio for 7 weeks. end 2/13.

2019             Instructor painting  at  American School for the Deaf, Hartford,Conn.

2018             Oct 12,  ASL Paint and Wine event, ASL FESTIVAL, Reynolds Community College, Richmond, VA

2018             April 14th: Instructor painting  at  Bat Mitzvah Party

2018              Mosaics Eye with Maryland School for the Deaf

2018             February DeVIA watercolor with black crayon Picasso/cubism style with Rochester School for the Deaf and                             Mosaics Community workshop at  Williams Gallery, Dyer Art Center, Rochester, N.Y.

2017             DeVIA teaching and  watercolor w Black Crayon with Illinois School for the Deaf/Missouri School 

2016             De'VIA Curriculum Art teacher retreat III,Kansas and  (Tile mold making workshop and developing lessons)

2016             Mosaic Wkshp  Mentoring Artists for Women's Arts( MA WA) and Manitoba Cultural Society of the Deaf 

2016             Manitoba School Deaf, Winnipeg Canada:   wall mural and mosicas 

2015            Gallaudet University, Adjunct I teacher, with Beijing Union Unv., Deaf Chinese students. "Deaf experience                               Through Art" and picasso painting on 3D form,Gallaudet U.

2015             Hamsa paint night sponsored by Rotary Deaf Club

2015             Paint night, Dyer arts gallery center, NY

2015             Handtree canvas, Mississippi Deafest, Biloxi,MS.

2015             ASL DAY festival By Kendall Demonstration Elementary School PTA,   DeVIA ceramic bowls /60 students.

2014-13       De’VIA Self Portrait and murals, for Deaf prisoners in Maximum Security Wende Prison, NY.

2014             Tile Making Workshop @ Maryland School for the Deaf, 3rd grade art class

2014             De’VIA Mosaics Lecture/workshop with Deaf Arts Festival,Holley Village Brooklyn, Michigan

2014             Deaf View Art Retreat, “3 senses “Tile Making lecture/workshop, Aspen Co.

2014            Veditz Celebration, Maryland School for the Deaf, Frederick, MD

2013             Art Thru Deaf Eyes at Maryland Association for the Deaf/PCRID Columbia,Maryland

2013            Artists Talk with Deaf Quest at Ravenswood Artwalk, Chicago

2013             De’VIA Artist and Jewish Presentation at Jewish Deaf Congress Conference, Wash.DC

Permanent and Private Collections

Canadian Culture Society for the Deaf. "The Eyeth Day" Mixed painting

RIT Libraries, RIT,Rochester,New York. "ASL Hungry" Oil Painting

Virginia Department for the Deaf , HH & Blind, Henrico, "Pro Tactile ASL Day". Mixed Medium. 20 x 16.

Reynolds Community College,Richmond VA. "ASL Lives", Acrylic Painting.

Dyer Arts Center, RIT,Rochester,New York. "I will Never Forget" Oil painting. 40 x 30 in.

Museum of Deaf History,Arts, and  Culture, Olathe, Kansas. "Drown in Mainstream" Oil painting.

Deaf,Inc  Deaf Empowerment Awareness Foundation, St.Louis MO.

"ASL/English Bilingual" painting and Sunflower Fish Tile

Maryland School for the Deaf, painting 30 x 30

 New York School for the Deaf,5ft by 15 ft ceramics mural "NYSD's History of 200th years "

Manitoba School for the Deaf, Winnipeg, Canada

Rochester School for the Deaf Tiles garden bench

Rochester Rotary Deaf Club, I Love Deaf Club painting

RIT ASL and Deaf Studies Community Center (RADSCC) at RIT/NTID/RIT Library

Delaware School for the Deaf, Main Lobby “The Veditz’s Dream Tree” 

Jewish Deaf Foundation, DeVIA Menorah statue, Brooklyn, New York

Center for Disability Rights,Rochester,NY, 3 posters: I’ll Never Forget,Barrier,ASL Shines

Atlanta Area School for the Deaf ,”Intersectional Deafhood American” 24’’circle  ceramic tile mandala

Maryland School For the Deaf, Frederick  “Red Bow Tie” Veditz Tile

Deaf Quest, Ravenswood in Chicago,’’ I will Never Forget no.3’’, oil painting

AudismFreeAmerica,Rochester,New York , “Deaflove” mandala , ceramic tile

Deafhood Foundation, California  “De’VIA of Spiritualty” mandala ceramic tile

Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, Pennsylvania  

Veditz Center, Baltimore,Maryland “ Veditz’s Dream Tree” mixed medium 30’’x50’’

Mississippi School for the Deaf,” How am I supposed to live without ASL”. ceramic tile first edition

Indiana School for the Deaf, “Crab Theory to Deaf Unity”. acrylic/oil painting

The Holley Family Village’s art museum in Michigan, ‘’The Rising the ASL’’ tile mirror

Delaware School for the Deaf/The Skerck Museum, “Emancipation from Oralism”  ink watercolor


Opulent Mobility, Los Angles  "Mansfield's Breath In Out".2023 33

ASL Coffee Podcast "Mansfield's Journey with DeVIA and Deaf Identity".2021

Jewish Deaf Congress, Spotlight Interview  of Deaf Artists Series. 2022 

Uplifting Voices,  Interview by Shash and Nupur Chokshi. Creative Example page. 

Deaf Cultural Center, Kansas  Morning Mingles Program

Westat Research Corporation,  "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion", Erin Wiley, Multicultural,Education, Impact Team 


(upcoming 2023 Laura Brody and Anthony Tusler of Opulent Mobility: Re-Imagine Disability and Mobility book.)

Aleatha Lindsay                                  INSIDE THEIR STUDIO: artists with Disabilities book, page 88-93.2020

Deaf BC                                                  "What Disability?" Exhibition By Outsiders and Others. December 5, 2021

Mirelle Golaszewski                           The Echo magazine, Issue 877 December 2021/January 2022 (French Language)

The Raw Vision Magazine                The Eyeth Day painting with The Outsiders, What Disability? exhibition.

Nupur Cholski                                      Uplifting  page Creative Example Mansfield's interview. Copyright 2022.

Patti Durr                                              "Deaf Visual Arts Festival. St Louis," May 2017.                                                                                                                                       

BCC See Hear                                       Dr.Paddy Interview, Deaf Love  manada artImage, British Network. 2016

Deaf Artist United                              2nd Wave of DeVIA Mural Color Book

Patti Durr                                             "#agbellLies", April 2016.


VSA Massachusetts                        "Disability and intersectionality", featured Stop Waste ASL/Deaf Education painting,                                                                                  blog.

Inspiration Matters website          Showcase of Ellen Mansfield,2016.


NTID Deaf Cultural Studies/ASL Certificate,  courses folded brochure. 2015

In The Sage Deaf studies Encyclopedia, "Deaf View/Image Art" chapter.   Author Patti Durr, 2015.

Patti Durr                                            DeVIA weekend, Handeyes.wordpress. 2015


Danielle Wilkinson                            "Deaf Artist uses art for activism and awareness",The exponent Newspaper.Oct.26,2015


Domenica Bongiovanni                  "Art shows angles of Deaf experience",Journal and Courier, Nov.4.2015

Domenica Bongiovanni,                "Review Deaf World Seen Through Art", Art Museum of Greater Lafayette,Ind. 2015


Patti Durr                                          "What is De^Artivism",,2015

DeVIA Curriculum Development  De'VIA Curr. 2014,2016.  Mansfield's Art lessons 

Tracey Salaway,curator/ professor   De’VIA New Wave catalog , Gallaudet University, 2014     

Deaf Studies DIgital Journal.No.4. , Visual Arts,Featured Ellen Mansfield, 2014

RIT NTID Deaf Art/Deaf Artists website              Featured Ellen Mansfield   2013

Jeana Marie Bacot                          "Curator's note:ViVA De'VIA" exhibition catalogue, Dyer Arts Center NTID. 1,4,9

Bill Gaventa,                                      "You talking about me? Disability as a Personnel, Social, Political Construct" Tikkun.

                                                              Lost in communication image. Oct.20.2014

Shelly Christensen                          "Inspired by Moses:disability and Inclusion in the Jewish Community" Tikkun. Menorah                                                                    image. Oct. 20. 2014

Cheri Smith,Ella Mae Lentz, Ken Mikos, " Signing Naturally Unit 7-12 studentwork ",Front #10. DAWNSign Press. 2014. 

Gallimores                                          " Spiritual DeVIA" The Kissfit,No.11. Feb.19,2013.38-39

Susan Guyann                                   Interview local Artist travels to Russia, Frederick News Post lifestyle. Aug.23,2013.C-1                                                                          Front page on Passion 

Joel Barrish                                        Interview on No Barriers, Featured Ellen Mansfield in TileStroke Studio, Deaf Nation. 2012

Rick Postl                                           "Worldwide De'VIA Artists in Frederick",SigNews Press. 2011.17

DAWNSignPress Publishing         Signing Naturally level 3 book, “Spirituality of De’VIA” mandala, 2014 

Adiona Smith                                     Featured Artist, ASL ROSE publishing company, Frederick, Maryland,2013


2023             Maryland Blue Crab tile

2022              Lantz Mills Deaf Village Ceramics 

 2019             Model Secondary School Deaf ’s 50th bench monumental 

2018              Maryland School for the Deaf, 150th anniversary Past and Present Boards ,  canvas painting 

2017              New York School for the Deaf's 200 years ceramic mural, 5ft by 15 ft.

2015              Jewish Deaf Enlightenment Menorah,  9 feet H by 7.5 feet




Related Professional Experience


2019 -15              Art Judge for Nation Youth DeVIA Competition

2018                      Performance Painter  Second Annual Mirror Ball, Maryland School for the Deaf /PSA.

2017                      Performance Painter  First Annual Mirror Ball, Maryland School for the Deaf/ PSA.                

2014                      Deaf View Art Retreat, Aspen CO., Co- Director, Teaching, Presenter 

2014,'16              De'VIA Teacher Curriculum Development

2013,'15,'17       Coordinator/ Activist/Artivist,  ASL Deaf Pride Parade, Wash DC.



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