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This painting is focused on Audism leads tragedy in Deaf person’s life and a Deaf man and car becomes one as invisible to the society with our Deaf identity.  
In Left side, portrait of Deaf man’s head is part of car front window shield. He was crying as his emotions showed scared and frustrated to not able to use ASL with police. The gun shot on his body that it ended him.
The fallen down arm on the ground that he died. It represents that Deaf person is not able to communicate with American Sign Language. The black roses laid by his Deaf family and community for vigil. The Black rose represents violence death.
The flash strobes showed a hidden word of DEAF as blinded your eyes as you will not able to see around.
In Right side, a portrait of Trooper head is a shape of gun. He holds a speeding ticket. Deaf people don’t see him as a person. Cross the nation, many people with Color of people, Deaf and Disability/mental illness get killed every day.
The up floated clouds in the sky are crying. Deaf community is frustrated that the audism and oppression leads their lives into tragedies by authority, employment, healthcare, and education.
The Deaf Eyes in the clouds symbolizes pride in the community to be called Deaf.

Speeding on Interstate 485

  • Oil painting on Canvas. 12 x 16 in. Oct. 2016
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