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“The Stars in Fraud Show”
In this painting is all about theater show of Deaf and Hearing people life.
People in the audience are watching Deaf Kids—will they do like the show or will not like show?
Deaf Kids are trained to be on Listen and Speak Language as the stars.
Doctor with octopus legs puppet represents those speech audiologists, oralism teachers, and surgeons are making profits on Deaf bodies.
Deaf Kids are puppets through their childhood life and steering with speech therapy and operations. Also send them to oralism mainstream schools and going on.
Who is the responsibility for being trying to be good to training Deaf Kids? Is that Society? Is that Professionals? Does that parent not know Deaf culture? Shall Deaf children allowed to learn ASL? What about the Audience?

Stars in Fraud Show

  • Oil painting 16"x 20" December 23, 2015
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