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This painting has squared background in a few years back and I did not get round to finish it until Pandemic hits. Since my husband stays home on 3/12/2020.  Nine days later, I am encourage finished it from Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond has my solo exhibition, unfortunately which just exhibited 1 day that they had to be closed as everywhere in USA and globally.  They had awesome giant bugs exhibition.   

The bugs of colors, sizes, shapes capture my visual and curiosity as always.

The butterfly motif is the oldest in De’VIA genre. I want a collection of bugs in my motif genre. I researched how do they communicate in their behavior as metaphor to the Deaf community and a connection to me as a person and  spirituality.  Ants is that they are strong colony as like Deaf community, Bees are dancing as they see it in communication, Fireflies blinging their tail off in the nights, as we use lights in the night, and going on. Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30, 3/21/2021. 

12 Insects in Unity

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