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2-21-14 “Discovery in Underwater”
This affirmation tile is about a Deaf Adult. It tells his boyhood experience with Audiology and Speech pathology appointment from Deafhood course two years ago. He and his hearing mother were in the waiting room while the mother saw other mother and child are communicated better. The boy enjoyed watching the fishes swimming round in the tank in the waiting room that hits his mother because the both of them should learn sign language like them.
In this tile work, the white circle swirls around in the water and goes through the boy’s inner body. The boy is discovered that he can make his own choice of communication way. The boy and fish are bonded buddies because of their same background. They are not needed to be fixed because a fish cannot be taught to climb a tree.
The fish and cross stiches are two of the motifs that I am emphasized to use the most of the time.

2-21-14 “Discovery in Underwater”

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