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2-22-14 “Deaf in Prison”
A Deaf Prisoner with chopped hands of the tile is about the lack of communication daily because the deaf prisoner is only alone in prison and isolated from having access to videophone calls and available interpreters, Deaf people are being brutalized and discriminated by Police, and ADA Routinely Violated by Prisons in the case of Deaf Prisoners.
The eyes motif symbolizes the marked days being counted on the prison wall. It means no communication simulated from inmates, police guards, lawyers, and families.
The blues, white, and yellow hands represents a sign language outside of the prison cell. It is called “Educate thousands of corrections professionals about Deaf Culture & communication, thus reducing the incidence of human and civil rights violations against deaf prisoners & their family members” noted from Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of the Deaf org.

2-22-14 “Deaf in Prison”

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