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2-24-14 “ASL Dream”
This Liberation tile work is inspired and based on three places. They are Dr. Paddy Ladd who is author of Deafhood book, Debbie Rennie who is ASL poet, and AudismFreeAmerica (AFA) activism group.
I combined the work with The Red Mountain from Dr.Ladd’s quote and a growing mountain that is to be higher to against the wave of oralism and audism.
I used the ASL poetry by Debbie Rennie of ”Black Hole: Color ASL” about a black hole of audism, Listen Spoken Language, and AGB. The woman on ladder is an artist to make a better Deafhood journey.
The blue tapes over the black holes represent AFA that protested over various places and used blue crossed out Audism,AGB,and LSL oppression.
The sun message comes out strong to keep ASL alive. The frontiers of deaf activists will have a long fighting and hope on humankind of Deaf people.

2-24-14 “ASL Dream”

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