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2-25-14 “ASL EXPRESS”
This liberation Tile is about communication access. A surrealism figure of mechanical broken ear, a chapped bleed lip, and oppression of time clock wheels a food cart. A peddler is all broken by all the years of struggling of oralism.
The cart is a full of healthy food and emotion and communication needs of American Sign Language. It has variety signs of vegetables, signing, ILY, love, hand waves and eye buds. We need to help the peddler to push the cart for healthy Deaf Children.
This artwork is influenced by Chuck Baird’s mechanical ear, Tony Fowler’s surrealism figure, Betty G. Miller’s Ameslan Prohited and Nancy Rourke’s ASL shape hands. The art theme is both affirmation and resistance.

2-25-14 “ASL EXPRESS”

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