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6,000 years ago, Deaf tribe lived in the ancient cliff dwelling in the red stone cliff.
The Deaf tribe, who believe the physical and spiritual worlds bends together that the ceremony
holds many days and nights with powerful storytelling by their graceful and poise sign language.
The cave wall filled with rock art making. The clan shows the symbol of Eye of the people.
The participants in the ceremony called upon the power of holy thunderbird , a strong that caused
thunder when it flies and flashed lighting when it opened its eyes. The face moves swirl on the
circles to give the heat waves. The thunder bird will ward off the enemies who take Deaf babies
(Deaf baby art is from oil painting of Birth of Deaf mother and baby,2016. two sketches of cave
with rock art in ruin dwelling and Sedona landscape from AZ trip last summer. The rock art in
this painting is not real. Just my dream)

3.Deaf Tribe AZ

  • acrylic on canvas, 12x12 feb 11th 2017
    motif rock art.
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