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This artwork represents the current status of the world that the artist’s family is living in. The artist, who is a white Jewish Deaf woman, is married to an Asian Deaf man.

The hands are a major motif in this painting, and represent human rights, people’s collective voices, and speaking out. For instance, one hand is in the shape of “STAND” in American Sign Language; this represents taking a stand, and also standing together.

Another major motif is the eyes, which represent not only visual access that Deaf people so value, but also the fear in people’s eyes of the current pandemic, racism, audism, and the unknown.

 The final major motif is a fence, which represents the many barriers faced by the artist’s family and friends. The heart illustrates the different identities and intersectionality that exist in so many families, including the artist’s family. 



Oil on Canvas, 16 x 12, July 2020. SOLD.

poster sale is available. please contact Ellen if interested.

A Patchwork of Deaf Family

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