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My first attempt with crayons and wash painting on paper. Then I build it up more drawing and wash painting for shades and deep tone.
This painting concept is from Trumpeter and Fish Squealed, Challenge 2015.
Elephant/Bell is a metaphor of Alexander Graham Bell and His associates; and Speech therapist. Fish is a metaphor of Deaf child.
Bell Trumpeter throws a clapper into eggs in nest on a tree. It wants to destroy deaf babies and deaf home. In the reflection of mirror, a fish-deaf child has a hand fish on her cheek. The hand fish brings shine into the Deaf child for hope and become activist.
In the mirror is like the water tank, It fills with bells inside cochlear as like clappers. The clappers wait for more Deaf Children to come to the mirror and bait them.

Bell Trumpeter

  • Day 5 of 29 Days
    BELL motif, resistance
    Theme: Deaf Children Rights
    Medium: crayons and acrylic washing on paper
    Size: 22 x 28 in.
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