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Fairground ride is about the carousel chairs that are suspended from the rotating top of the carousel. the vision will be distorted by the go-round motion. Deaf child has no security feeling off the ground in this painting.


When a Deaf Child on the chair is feeling has no control through their child-deafhood journey from hearing parents and doctors who made Listen Speak Language and cochlear implant decision.


In honor of remembrance for 12 Deaf babies and children died from cochlear implant surgeries 25 years ago on the roof top flags.

This painting motif cross stiches can be seen in my early paintings of communication Barrier, I will never Forget, Enough is Enough with ear mold, Deaf Horse of Year, Summerless, BagLady, and more. It represents barrier and trap.

Read Lip in Playground

  • 14 x 18 Oil Painting , Oct 2014

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