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This painting is the Analogy in the present life. It is a metamorphosis of me and my daughters into the Dandelions. It has the meaning of Happiness, faithfulness and desire to have a full happiness in life.
I am mother in the white fuzz flower seeds head that I have Deaf DNA and gave birth to 2 deaf daughters. I signed ASL words that they said “Deaf Gain”. It has been intertwined with dandelion stem.
The stem goes down the ground for the root their deaf identity to baby with DNA motif.

This second analogy about the baby represent of myself in the ground and goes up with my growing up being deaf child to young adult.

Ellen’s past life in the background on paper. They showed the audism experiences in the 8 portraits in her circle.
1.The early drawing was just neutral work for school admission in 80’s, no revealed.
2.Early works to revealed about audism experiences of 2 etching works in art college days- and painting of “Barrier Communication” with my symbology of fence that I carried them to current works of included “Enough is Enough with ear molds” 2012, and ”Endless Summer” 2012
3.The works showed hearing aids with molds and banned ASL in education school
4.The works showed hearing aids with molds and banned ASL in education school
5.I developed symbolic images on the recent works. They are Fishes, question marks on ear, cross stitches as fences, chopped hands, ears, mouths, and eyes.

Deaf Gain: self portrait

  • 40x30,Mixed Media with papers,oil pastels,pencils,acrylic paints
    July 2014 if interested to purchase. please email.
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