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Day 8 of 29.
Motif LANTERN. Deaf Monkey and Dragon 2016.
This is series of De’VIA Lunar New Year painting.
Monkey is smart, quick-witted, fond of being in the limelight, but haughty. Chinese New Year Culture celebrates a parade with dragon dance and Chinese Red lanterns shine bright at nights celebrating till full moon. Monkey carries an orange/fruit for good luck.
In the De’VIA Culture, I used Cross stitches for my fence trademark in Flight with Natural Sign and I will Never Forget paintings. It means boundaries, barriers, and protection. Dragon’s body with many hands and its face show sign language of Dragon. Lantern motif is for truth, truth seeking, or ancestors. The light motif is for hope and deaf people can see.

Deaf Monkey and Dragon of Year

  • Day 8 of 29
    oil on canvas 11 x 14
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