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DeVIA Grand Peterhoff Palace’s garden. 12 x16 0il
First I wanted to tell you that I visited palaces and museums, and met International Deaf Artists in St. Petersburg. I had a Russia history, times of ancient and modern Russia, and Russia Culture lesson. International Deaf Artists and I shared the passion of visual arts with exchanged information in a brief time.
This painting is about Deaf View Art landscape. I walked around in the magnificent gardens and water foundations. I sat down a bench and I made a sketch on little black sketchbook.
The leaves on branch fluttered and moved by the wind. Some leaves flied round, nearby foundation water. I felt some water drops on my face and arm by the wind as like they are hands waving and movement. I felt so strong with their presence nature. The nature is showing expressions in the sense without any barrier.
Few months later, I painted this canvas based on my little sketch book and memory along with emotions about being Deman. (Deaf+Human).

DeVIA Grand Palace Garden

  • 12 x16 0il.$400.00
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