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This "Drown in Mainstream" painting is version 2 from "A lonely Child in Classroom" painting in 2012.  I painted a male teacher this time because  Tom Burke, my first teacher in public school  contacted me to followed up with me to  discussed about ASL and Oralism.  Since he reads a book, "Far from the  Tree' by Andrew Solomon and now he understands how its important to use ASL.

The Deaf girl in black face with red clothed is frustrated and isolated in the mainstream. She is very isolated and cannot understand what is going on or learn very much.
Please link Mark Drolsbaugh,author - Madness in the Mainstream , for more explanation

Drown in Mainstream V3

  • Oil on Canvas, 16"x 20" October 4th, 2015
    $400.00 exhibited at Columbia College #33 ccgallery

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