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This is a painting of a Deaf child with ear molds circulating around her and she shows a frustrated face. The setting is a classroom at a mainstreamed school. The Chair shows that she is perceived as an unfit child even though she was an intelligent and curious child. She had so many questions to ask her Deaf peers and teacher but none of them were able to understand each other because… oralism. This painting is not really a portrait of the Deaf child, but it is of the fact that Deaf children are hungry for more education. They learned but not enough to fully understand and appreciate education. This is of child abuse and the suffering of mainstreamed programs where the emphasis is heavily on listening and speaking and sign language prohibition. The American skirt represents AUDISM and OPPRESSION and that Deaf children should be part of the ultimate American Culture and not be forced to use speech.

Enough is Enough with Ear molds

  • 16 x 12 inch oil with mix SOLD
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