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Day 9. Profit Motif. Resistance.
Fake Deaf n Mute Act
Uproar from Deaf Community about hearing woman being a cast of Deaf Mute Character in the movie “ Medeas directed and written by Andrea Pallaoro.
The Deaf actors, actresses, filmmakers, and Deaf community made a STAND and campaign to stop Hollywood for hiring hearing in the Deaf casts.
In the social medial. Please check out “DeafTalent” and vlog: I’m MAD (Medeas and DeafTalent)
In artwork, right side is a hearing person in the mask of profiting. Her tongue with dollar symbol that she earned money to fed herself while Deaf talented actresses do not have salaries or jobs.
The black dots are” People of Eye” is campaigning against Hollywood. for hiring s hearing for Deaf roles.

Fake Deaf Mute ACT

  • The 6”x 6” tiles will be glazed by kiln firing on March 1, and completed with an 8”x 8” wooden frame. The 28 tiles will be
    reposted, and then be available for purchase.
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