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 I am inspired a story about a situation that Deaf parents took their Deaf Children to have test and get hearing aids from Starkey corp.  Starkey’s Film crews were there and wanted to film on Deaf kids to try on hearing aids and act like if it is miracle for the kids to hear the sounds. So the parents did not want to be forced and took them away out of the room.
Many Deaf people just being brainwashed to stay inside the cage of Masked Benevolence. The cage is a portrait of Audiologist and AGB associate. Also there are many children in the cage that no others help them out to have opportunities with ASL.
I painted a peace dove for a hope that out there will be guide for deaf children who have better journey. Or have themselves to be healed and free with a thread reminder.

Head of Audiologist and ASL Bird

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    Motif, Birdcage Liberation
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