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There was an oralism club for the Deaf in New York City during 1960’s. The club was named “Merry O Rounders”.

The go merry round platform represent it is unclear what people are saying as the mouth moves up and down, and goes sideways. 


The ghost horses about Deaf standbyers or sat on horses had  no sign language access and sign language disappearance.

Behind the white go merry round horses, there is black hole that deaf people have loss of language and disappearing feeling that goes deeper in the isolation.

 Ancient hands motif is invented in  Veditz’s Dream Tree, with ancient hands in 2013. link:!product/prd1/3530189501/veditz's-dream-tree (large painting). 


Ghost hand motif is the remembrance of Deaf people with ASL before Milan times.

Horsey Mouth

  • 18 x 24 mixed on canvas
    Day 25 of 29 days
    Black Hole Motif

    (Tile is avail)
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