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Despite decades and even centuries of oppression, Deaf people have continued to show the power of ASL storytelling. Many of us who grew up at schools where sign language was banned would talk to each other, sharing stories in sign language, on the playgrounds, in the bathrooms, during bus rides, and even at bedtime. We all learned so much from each other, and Deaf children today continue to learn the most from ASL stories. Sign language has been reunited with Deaf children with less oppression, more prosperity, and greater unity in the Deaf community. 


 Ancient hands motif is invented in  Veditz’s Dream Tree, with ancient hands in 2013. link:!product/prd1/3530189501/veditz's-dream-tree (large painting). 


Ghost hand motif is the remembrance of Deaf people with ASL before Milan times.

Horsey Mouth

  • 18 x 24 mixed on canvas
    Day 25 of 29 days
    Black Hole Motif

    (Tile is avail)
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