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14 x 11 inches,  Acrylic On Canvas, 2021. This painting of font and heart is influenced by trademark and the official tourism logo and slogan Logo and slogan in New York and Virginia.In 2019, I am inspired from 50th anniversary of Stonewall in NYC and In Deaf LGBT community, Grown Deaf Adults came out as their identity from Generation Z. Something is that I am missing one letter is Queer in the acronym fingerspelling in this painting. In April 2021, I wanted to inclusive identities, so then I added “Plus” font in the last hand shape of T in painting. The acronym is changed and added more identities. LGBTQ then LGBTQQIP2SAA. The Plus is in American Sign Language means you have more than one. Let us treat each other no matter how we are different in heart.

LGBT Plus Heart

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