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11"x 17" poster
This painting is about being a victim of AGBell Association, AUDISM, and ASL prohibit in the deaf oralism education schools all over in the America.
Left person is deaf child, the hands are chopped off by destroying with language and forced to use oralism every minutes, wears American flag skirt represents the meaning she has an American culture if she speaks. There are black stars on U.S. Flag represents AUDISM to be bribery to have the reward of star stickers when deaf child is not used our natural language all day.
Deaf child’s airway shows red bubbles of painful for speech therapy years and tried to speak the words with not making senses. The symbols of fishes represents the silence water world. Her two grey boxes on her chest are hearing aids device.
Right person is a hearing teacher has the skirt of rulers those deaf oral school teachers in the past to spanking on deaf children’s hands if they use natural language: America Sign Language with AUDSIM arm and claw.
Eye and Ear on teacher head represents question mark? They do not understand when we ask questions or answers in the education classroom, every day. You see, teacher’s feet are fishing hooks with feathers. In literally, we feel the killing to use blow feathers during speech therapy.
Artist Ellen honored her classmates’ name on the bloody ground. This painting is influenced by Picasso style.

I will Never Forget Poster

  • 17"x 11" poster
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