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This painting is about Deaf people being victimized of AG Bell Association, AUDISM, and ASL prohibition in the deaf oralism education schools all over in the U.S.  The work is focused on Deaf Child and Hearing Teacher.
The person on the left is the deaf child and the hands are chopped off in the essence that language demolishment is in session when being forced to use oralism every minute. She is wearing an American flag skirt, which represent the meaning that she wears the American culture when she speaks. There are black stars on the U.S. flag that embody Audist bribery and the reward of star stickers (given when deaf child does not use our natural language all day).The Deaf child’s airway shows red bubbles of pain for speech therapy experience over the years and the gibberish words that come out when she tries to speak. The symbol of fishes is widely used among Deaf Russian artists and represents the trap in silent water-world. The two grey boxes on her chest are hearing aid devices.

I will Never Forget with letters Ellen

  • Oil Painting 2012 12 x 16 in. SOLD
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