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The mediums used in this artwork are designed to lead your fingers in tracing the image. Please touch!


The canvas features a tactile painting of pink, yellow, and white swirls surrounding a sun. The brightness of the sun creates shadows emitting from a tree that features cherry flowers blossoming, and the branches spelling out PT ASL DAY and braille reads out, “We are all rooted together”.

Audism-Free America hosts a biennial ASL and Deaf Pride parade, and Ellen helped coordinate the first parade in Washington, D.C. That parade started at Gallaudet University and ended at the White House, which was a phenomenal experience. However, an important, yet overlooked, part of the ASL community is the DeafBlind community — and so this painting is a tribute to tactile ASL. DeafBlind individuals are a very important part of the community, and should be included in every way possible.


Permanent collection to Virginia Department of Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Pro Tactile ASL day

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