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“Raise Your Red Hot Hand Up…”
“The Edison Talking doll” in 1890. First technology of tiny phonograph plugged in doll’s body. The tiny holes on the chest will be coming by singing.
Edison marketed Edison Talking Doll after a month, business failed due to the product and sing songs that sounds creepy.
The painting is about Wind up keys on background are speech lessons with same repeated words of baseball, airplane, ice cream, cowboy, and hotdog to million deaf kids. The child says these words in creepy voice as like Edison Talking Doll.
And the doll being winded down all the time in the audiology room. There are many stories about Raise your ‘’red hot’’ hand when you hear sounds during the hearing tests. Becuz…
1.don’t want to be too deaf so you think you will stay in advance class
2.don’t want to be too deaf so you don’t want to be a failed child
3.You will have better hearing status when you get older and be like hearing family member.
4. You know some ASL.. Do not want to be punished for that.. Can prove that you still hear.
5.Want to get digital hearing aids instead of the transistor body (on chest) hearing aids.

“Raise Your Red Hot Hand Up…”

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