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Here is three points in artwork. (my first time with various objects  on mosaics)
The main point is the music and hearing aids.
Once, Deaf children went to the music room and saw a large drum.
We sat down round and hold the drum rim to feel the beat vibrations. Teacher beats many short beats and then one long beat. Whatever she had beat patterns in rhythm.
Teacher made sure that we had hearing aids turn on. So, the ear mold is in the center was important to her. It doesn’t really much meaning to me as I enjoyed the vibrations so much better.
Tiles spreads out that it followed rhythm beat patterns as I made it visual what they feel like.
There are two chapters in the top and bottom of artwork. The bottom is about the summer season along with motifs of turtles and flowers (Deaf: affirmative). The wind up key stem with mechanical wheels flowers (no access language: resistance)
The top is about in the sky, butterflies fly high. It represents the doors opening for the Language access by Sign language.

“Reflection in Music Room”

  • 11 in x 11 in.
    March 21, 2016
    mixed mediums and grout on wood board SOLD
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