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“De ’Humankind” (on river of blood tears).
This surrealism tile is about humankind of Deaf people. They come from a place where AGB pharaoh banned sign language, ran cochlear implant control law, supported Slavery of oralism and eugenics centers.
Someone from Egypt secretly put Deaf babies in the cocoon egg shaped with zipper opened slightly for eyes seeing outward on nests and left them go on Deaf Identity Stream. The stream has Blood Drop/Tear spilled and over flowing to the land from Deaf babies’ crying. It’s on way to another side of world-another dimension with background, at Tip Mountains with blue color is waiting for us to builds up our colony.
Jewish Mother of Deaf souls found them and signed it out” Future, ASL will never die on us!” in the dandelions field.
"Fireflies Extinction" check out on small painting page.

River of Blood Tears

  • Day 9 of 29.
    MOTIF Blood Tears,and Zipper,R.
    MOTIF Nest,Mother Soul,Dandelions,and Mountain A. Stream a/r
    these days I will be busy with commitment plan.
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