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I painted “Shadow ASL Storyteller”, no. 1 and 2. oil on canvas with Affirmative motifs.
This tile painting is about second wave of oralism. This time, I added few resistance motifs of CI implant,Oralism/Audsit Chair; Bell and Elephant for AGB .
In the back ground, they are great storytellers to express the Visual Language with stories about Deaf Pride, Deaf Jokes, and Audism stories.
We the Deaf People learn from the best signing models round ASL storytelling would pass the same stories onto Deaf Children. In the playgrounds, bathrooms, school bus rides and bedtimes, we would hide, to tell stories, round any corners, all learning so much from each other.
Ellen Mansfield

Second Wave of Shadow ASL storytellers

  • Day 3 of 29 Days
    SHADOW motif,R
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