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1.“Unholy person”: Experience happened with barrier communication at Conservative Judaism hostess home.
I am Deaf reform Jewish woman and married to American Chinese Deaf man with our two deaf Jewish children that we stayed over. The Jewish Deaf organization hosted Sabbath weekend to learn synagogue services, prayers and rituals. She refused to used paper and pen to writing to us. Her Sabbath is a day side for rest and worship ritual.
She forgets that Conservative Jewish supposed to have positive attitude to modern culture and meet our needs with communication access.
2. “Very long night”: The Clock head angel with moth shredded wings flies out from Conservative Judaism home. She is a curiosity with her eyes wing with her hands to seeking exploring her journeying at a very long night time.
In artwork, a woman showed Clock head without clock hour hand and minute hand is no knowledge of happening, education, and information due no access communication. It lacks of provided ASL.
3. “Memory of Hanukkah”: She approached Jewish Neighborhood that windows displayed menorahs at Hanukkah holidays. Her wings shows bold shaped as healed spiritual since she remembers her traditional Jewish ritual and able to see that Jewish people celebrating the event.
Her head is upside down in painting means that there is no mouth on her forehead therefore she has no speaking language. Memory bought her childhood game that she played to see trick with face feature appearance. (Credited to Chagall’s painting)
4. Earth creation: She and G-d are resting and enjoying the beauty sunrise coming up beneath earth.

series of 4 Jewish DeVIA artworks

  • acrylic on canvas board. (11 x 14 in each) June 2016
    at DeVIA Curriculum Development Team week. if intersted to buy,
    please contact.


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