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Shadow ASL STORYTELLER no. 2,  2015- 2019 (revisted no.1 paintng )

We the Deaf People learn from the best signing models round ASL storytelling would pass the same stories onto Deaf Children. In the playgrounds, bathrooms, school bus rides and bedtimes, we would hide, to tell stories, round any corners, all learning so much from each other.
We would reunite the sign language to bring no oppression, prosperity, and unity to the Deaf community.


Symbolism in the painting

Shadow Figures= Master ASL storyteller. They have hearts in their heads that they have big hearts to tell storytelling in sign language.


Blue hands and figures= the great spirits/characters in the stories became more lively from ASL storytelling.


Butterfly = Deaf People have no more oppression from oralism days and carry on to reunite the sign language spirits with prosperity. and unity to the Deaf Community.

Goldfish= the fishes do not have voices and hearing. Metaphor of Deaf storytellers gives vibrant beautiful stories in sign language.


Sun/Moon=we always gravitate toward ASL storytellers as the sun’s elements of warm, hope, and happy at the home unite in the Deaf community.


Peacock= Peafowl erect their feathers with eyes that draws me to connect the Pride Deaf Culture.


Tree= Deaf People without the knowledge of culture and sign language is like a tree without roots.


Bald Eagle Feather= Native American's ST. Joseph Indian School: the eagle holds high meaning in the Native American culture, eagle feathers and wings are used in special ways. For instance, when they are held over someone's head, it means the person is brave or is wished bravery and happiness. To wave it over everyone present means everyone is wished peace, prosperity and happiness.


Deaf community is a  bravest,strongest and strengthen unity as like an eagle.

Shadow ASL Storytellers no.2

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