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This painting is about STOP WASTE American Sign Language and Deaf Education.

Hunger strike at WPSD (Western Penn School for the Deaf), there is a hunger striker chain, advocating in solidarity across the country for ASL linguistic Rights and Deaf Education with ASL (American Sign Language).

This painting shows the two trucks of Trash and Recycle, how Deaf schools deals with signing ASL and Deaf Education .The Trash truck represents oppression, Audism, and Audistocracy. The recycle truck represents Deaf Education growth and ASL is benefit. ASL doesn’t need to be wasted away.

Three people in the activism went hunger strike at WPSD in this painting.( did not know there was a fourth person joined during my painting period) 2 persons will restart Hunger Strike and then more 40 Deaf people from all over nation joined in 3 days chain. I salute to them.

The background of Deaf Schools are not included ASL (WPSD, Illinois School for the Deaf, and other twos are bad in shape as well when you might identity them. Not only these schools. Others are in dangerous shape in nation) The activism is important to protest Deaf Education growth with ASL.


STOP WASTE ASL and Deaf Education

  • no. 2. 16” by 20”, Oil on Canvas. November 2015
    available. Please  contact if interested to buy.

    no.1 ASL HUNGRY sold to RIT LIBRARIES collection.


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