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 I am inspired by Goya’s artworks of Disaster of War “The third of May 1808. I picked “The prisoners executed on plate 55.
Mary Thornley, Deaf artist’s 'Milan, Italy 1880’ because Mary used the letters of ASL (American Sign Language). She was inspired by a Deaf artist, Francesco Goya's 'The Third of May 1808'.
I combined with rope motif, Day 11 of 29 days to tie up Deaf People and Allies who supported ASL.
The monumental (large man) is focusing on “Humankind of Deaf Culture, Identity, and Language”.
The three soldiers who are against American Sign Language therefore it is called Listen Speak Language.
There are three victims represent American Sign Language.
In Deaf Community, we are still battling with Audism and their Deaf Rights Arrogance.

The Rise of Deaf Rights Arrogance

  • Day 11 of Day 29, MOTIF ROPE, R
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