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Deaf kids in mainstream schools cross United States have Educational Interpreters in the k-12 classrooms. Isn’t that wonderful? No, educational interpreting system fails. The Deaf kids have “everything is fine” syndrome and “dinner table syndrome,” 
In the black ground, the set of teeth images represent oralism kids and hearing kids. The ASL letter box represents “alone in the mainstream “and “heartbroken and gagged” ASL interpreter.
No normal talks between the kids with interpreter present. No Deaf culture, social, going on.
There is some yellow light in the underground on ASL hands.. Because the door opens that deaf kids and adults will be entered to the Deaf Community no matter when and where. They will be enriched happiness with ASL community.
Deaf role model as CDI would be placed in mainstreamed classrooms as least the deaf children will be having role of self-confident with Deaf Identity and Deaf pride.


  • Sold @ DSD community
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