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This sketch is inspired by Picasso’s Guernica. I worked some with DeVIA29 Challenge last day. The motif is Treasure Box.
The sketch work is being processed for painting canvas. I would like to do it on tiles but I don’t have a wall. I will go ahead and paint on canvas.
It is untold stories about the oralism empire of Milan of 1880 but the problems are never going away. Deaf children and Adults s lives are destroyed. The length statement will be written soon.
3 sites with 12 black flags planted at FDA, AGB headquarter and NIH in the MD/DC area.
Rope on elephant tail and patient
Elephant= AGB and associates
Thief Doctor= specialists and AGB’s friends for capitalism
Maze = struggle with in Deaf communities
Lantern= see truth in Audism of Genocide
Coffin Door open= see the past and present problems being buried
Deaf Patient with black holes= deaf identity taken away
Hourglass= time runs out
Barrel ball=oppression for lack of access and no job
Monkey Doll with swirl eyes= audiology
Bag with hands inside= no Deaf space Deafless person in the bag is Deaf prisoner has no access.
Baby= taken away from mother by AGB and associates.. lost deaf identity
Baby with asl wings.. born with Deaf DNA taken away for CI implant
Eyes with tallies= timeless, no change for freedom
Fence= trapped in the room
Woman with angel wings= mother of deaf souls holds up eyeth
Victory Lady statue small part based of Rochambeau Statue in DC (sculptured by Deaf French sculptor Fernand Hamar) = Deaf rights / mother of Deaf Rights
eye buttons bird in birdcage= not freedom, ASL banned, reading lip exhaustion, parrot being repeat words.
Behind Chair= isolation, passivity, emptiness

Untold Audism of Genocide

  • Day 29 of 29 days
    sketched with mixed mediums
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